The Clary

There is a beautiful young girl named Clary. She is smart, popular and rich. She is aware of the fact that everyone adores her no matter what — hence she thinks she is better than everyone else. She loves Performing Arts, she thinks her dream is more important than everyone else’s. Everybody wants to be like Clary, so everybody needs to follow her and her own dreams, to become a ‘Clary’. A beautiful, passionate, well-respected, ‘Clary’. She tells people to love performing arts as well because she thinks it is special. More special than everyone else’s interests and dreams.

Sam, on the other hand, hesitates. Sam is questioning her own dream. Sam’s dream is to become a writer, she is highly confident of it but Clary — the Clary said, “we all should love Performing Arts.” Clary makes her feel small. Clary makes her feel like a ticket that no one wants to buy because hey, the show isn’t enticing at all. But does that mean Sam should love Performing Arts as well to be like Clary? The Clary that everyone loves? Does that mean Sam should give her dream up to become a ‘Clary’?

No. Everyone has their own journeys. Everyone has their own paths. Everyone thinks differently. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to choosing something. Everyone has their own music tastes. Some people can sing and dance, some people can’t. Some people love to debate, some people despise it. Some people believe in love, some people don’t. Some people can accept their flaws, some people can’t. Some people think it is important to go to one of the top universities, some people don’t think so. Some people have high self-esteem, some people have low self-esteem.

Sam realizes that everyone has their own interests. You can’t force someone to like what you like, you can’t force someone to hate what you hate too. Everyone has their own dreams — mine isn’t the same as yours… but that doesn’t mean that mine is less important, neither are yours. Everyone is different.

Sam doesn’t have to be like Clary. Perhaps Sam can be her own version of Clary.

*Cough* Hello there Hermione Granger! :)

Here’s one of my favorite quotes all the time, from the movie “Little Women.”



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